Although the ideal process to buy a good fitting shoe is still to go directly to the shoemaker, We've devised 3 different kind of service to cater with who has no way to come in beautiful Marche. 


This is the best approach to start for a new customer. On the pattern you choose we will send you a Trial Shoe in rough material and construction, to check the general fit.

Then on your feedback we can achieve the Final Shoe modifying our standard last.

(indicated for problematic feet, high instep, fallen arches ecc.)


M.T.O. service available for those who have already placed a Semi-Bespoke or Bespoke order, with the possibility to have further little modifications on the last after the feedback on the previous orders. 



A distant Bespoke service where we proceed with two Trial Shoes before achieve the Final one. The result will be a shoe made on your own personal last.

(indicated for all who has very specific needs or just appreciate the sensation of a perfect fitting shoe)

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