Although the ideal process to buy a good fitting shoe is still to go directly to the shoemaker.

 We've devised 3 different kind of service to cater with who has no way to come in beautiful Marche. 


Suitable for those who never have particular fitting problems and just want to order a custom shoe in standard size, in a short time. Ask us our Lasts, Leathers and Constructions Menù.

Average wait 4-6 weeks

Since it is a shoe produced especially for the customer from zero we can not accept refund. 


Ask our instructions to take your measurements from the comfort of your home. Based on those we will temporarily modify one of our standard lasts and make a test pair in Blake construction. Then on your feedback on this test pair, we will build the final one, improving the fit where necessary.

Average wait: 4 weeks test pair, 6-8 weeks after feedback for the final pair.


(indicated for problematic feet, high instep, fallen arches ecc.)



Bespoke, in any of its expressions, is an act of trust in the artisan. Is an investment, not only of money, but also of time. But the final result will not be a product, not a pair shoes, but rather an Artifact, Your pair of shoes, shaped by the meeting between your needs, your taste, your fantasy. Contact us and start the journey to create your personal last. Each pair made with it will be an expression of your personality, something yes to take care of, but also that makes you feel at home, that will accompany you for many and many years, like an old friend.


Being a service tailored on the customer, the working and waiting times vary according to the needs.

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