In our workshop we offer 3 lines:
- Half-Handmade MTO
- Full-Handmade MTO

- Full-Handmade Bespoke

MTO, or Made To Order, means a customized pair of shoes in standard size.

You can place an MTO on a small selection of models which includes:
- 2 Oxfords, 1 Derby, 1 Loafer, 1 Boot, 1 Lazyman designs.

* A MTO order can also replace the test pair of a Bespoke order.


Since we live and work in the middle of the biggest Italian shoe district inevitably we ended up contaminating ourselves with the many kinds of footwear that our territory offers. So, for our Bespoke offer, we give you the possibility to customize not only the style but also the structure of your pair.
You can choose between the Classic Handwelted, our super flexible Bologna + Welt, or the stronger Norwegian and Stagno constructions.

Regarding the style you can choose between our sample selection or request for a particular style with no surcharge. Almost any customization is possible.

Bespoke delivery times usually around:
- 3 months for the test pair
3 months for the final one.


Here below you can find some examples of Bespoke pairs, many others are possible. Our archive already covers all the kind of classic styles and further customization requests are more than welcome. 
Contact us and we will help you to find your personal style.